We love our jobs, especially styling!  

We offer a FREE styling session up to 1 hour at no charge.   A stylist will be assigned to you for a one on one personal session.  When you are ready to overhaul your wardrobe, work in some new pieces, and re-invent old pieces reach out to book your appointment.  

When you book you appointment you will learn what to update and what to donate.  We also encourage you to bring in a couple of items from home that you want to re-invent.  We'll show you how to update them.  

The best time to do a styling session is at the top of the season when you have inventory of your wardrobe.  It will give you a better idea of what style, and colours you are leaning towards and what you have to work with in your current wardrobe.  


Contact us below with 3 dates/times that will work for you.  We will reply back promptly to confirm a time slot.