Boa, a fashion forward,  Toronto-based clothing boutique was established in 2001 by twin sisters Ofra and Daphne Nissani. Immersed in the apparel/retail world from a young age, the sisters while familiar with the industry, were excited by the prospect of starting their own fashion boutique. Driven by their love of fashion and their entrepreneurial spirit, Ofra and Daphne persevered through the obstacles of launching and running a business.   Part of their special brand of customer service entails communicating to their style team the importance of understanding their customer base;  mainly women who want more than just what’s IN fashion. This concept is reiterated in the words of one sister; “Our team is trained to recognize that our customers want to  be fashionable with a unique twist, at an affordable price, with some guidance putting it all together.”

 Boa provides a unique and personalized customer experience that seems to be lost amid the retail chain giants that dominate our malls and mass produce their garments oversees. Boa carries mostly MADE IN LOS ANGELES clothing because the sisters love the idea of providing quality goods manufactured in North America, keeping consumer dollars in North America, and creating a smaller carbon footprint.  Boa also carries local Canadian brands, like the popular C’est Moi Seamless Collection. 

More often than not, Boa will carry one size of each garment so that customers  can walk out of the store with original pieces that help them feel their most confident and beautiful. Having this type of selection also allows for a quicker turnover of inventory so that they can showcase the newest looks more often.  

 Boa is all about service and community, and is not limited to just selling great fashions.  The Nissani sisters are founding members of {Free-Them}, an organization dedicated to raising awareness of Human Trafficking & Exploitation in Canada and abroad.  

In 2020, a change developed for the two sisters.  A divestment process began, and Ofra chose to move on from Boa boutique after 19 years in business.  


Brands we carry in our store regularly include;

Barefoot Venus

California Moonrise

C'est Moi Clothing


Chris and Carol

Dresscode U.S.A

Ellabee Jackets

Echo Verde Clothing

Enti Clothing U.S.A

Janette U.S.A

Lyla & Luxe

Luna Fashions

Luv & Bart Jewellery

Mavi Jeans

Mauritius Leather Jackets

Mercury Sunglasses

Millibon U.S.A

Parkhurst Knitting, Canada


Pink Violet

PJ Salvage (only in our Oakville location)

Preloved Toronto, Canada

I Love Tyler Madison, Canada

Rice Fashion (house line)

Sock Smith

The Roster

YMI Jeans

Z Supply