Covid Fashion.

Remember when you can walk down the streets of Toronto with a perfectly prepped look, sunglasses and cute shoes feeling like a million bucks?  The memory is beautiful, so do not let it fade away with the thought of N95 masks as your new accessory.  

Right now all we have to hold on to is that we are all trying to maintain good health, hope, and those memories that we can relive again one day soon.  We too are struggling with the reality that this virus is real and can take lives quickly. 

As a small business we are also struggling with a new world of commerce.  We've sold online for many years, and now we are boosting spirits and having fun by doing online auctions to lighten the tension in all our lives as a community.   On March 16th we closed our fashion boutiques in Downtown Oakville and Toronto. Though it still seems early, we would like to talk about spring fashion for 2020 while self isolating.    

I'm sure many of you are tempted to wear your comfy cozies and pj's all day long.  Perhaps not even wearing makeup. I know I'm guilty of that, but we would recommend it is time to feel feminine.   Here are some suggestions.  Wear a dress for your zoom Easter with family tuning in.  Put on some makeup, do your hair, and call a group of friends on House Party while wearing your joggers and a pretty blouse.  This combination pairs well while being comfortable.   

Going for a walk and don't want your neighbours seeing you in your predictable daily attire?  Then change it all up with a layered look and let the jackets that sit in the back of your closet make an encore appearance.  In fact, while we are all in a 'groundhog day' cleaning routine, get out your spring scarves and mix and match with some of your spring and fall sweaters.   

Making a trip to the LCBO?  Great! Get me some red wine.  

Stay safe, wash your hands, clean your phone often, and don't touch your beautiful faces.  



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